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At DIGITAL JALANDHAR, our approach to Web Design is to simplify the complex. We do not believe in overloading the website design Jalandhar  with images and clutter to an extent that the web user’s brain is confronted with too many options and stops processing information.

As a professional Web Design Company, at DIGITAL JALANDHAR we believe in making it simple for your customers to do business with you. Our web designs contain intuitive navigation and not confusing navigation. Our web design Jalandhar services are not just about designing a page for your business but to make sure it is going to give your desired output and that is engaged customers.

Website Design Jalandhar Vision

Our web design is aimed around keeping the customer on your site by giving them some breathing space between various images, buttons, and text for them to absorb the information on your site.

As a part of our web design service, we pay attention to all details that matter in engaging customers onto your site i.e… Logo, colors, font, quality of the photographs, spacing between each of the items, etc. As a Web Design Company, we believe in every page to be designed as a landing page.

Our web designs do not assume a user to enter through the home page and navigate to the site. Our web design services include site architecture and design – usability and accessibility – copywriting – browser testing – optimization for smartphones & tablets – good friendly designs.

Website Design Jalandhar Services

At DIGITAL JALANDHAR, our web design services cater to business sites, community sites, e-commerce sitesmobile sites, and intranet sites for the corporates. As a web design company, we have experience from designing sites for a start-up business to corporate sites.

We have some of the most talented web designers in the industry whose mantra is to make sure they understand your business and key messages first before starting any design work. Our web design team has experience in the global market by launching sites in pretty much every continent.

Web design took another leap forward recently, with the increasing number of people accessing websites from multiple devices, web design today has to be not only usable but also seamlessly accessible on various mobile and desktop platforms.  The latest Responsive web design approach helps us achieve this.

Responsive Web Design Service

Responsive Web Design is mainly a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.  It mainly adapts itself according to the height and the width of the viewing device using mainly the CSS3 Media Queries.

RWD approach saves your time and cost by avoiding website development for each mobile device, expands your mobile audience via a single website only, increasingly liked by search engines aids in better search results, gives a smooth search experience to your visitors

Web Graphic Design Services

DIGITAL JALANDHAR is committed to providing the right tools to market your business effectively which helps you to succeed, grow, and achieve your goals.


we provide graphic design services that include brand identities for new products or services with a brand-focused design for the web and for print. We are expertise in web design, graphic content, logo design, promotional brochure, newsletter, social media branding as well as offline brand and marketing collateral with our managed print service.

Our Key Elements

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Promotional Product/Services
  • Company Magazines & Newsletters
laptop, tablet, smartphone

Benefits of Graphic Design

Whether it’s a small, medium or a large business, graphic design helps to increase sales of the business. A good and professional graphic design is a good sign of a strong brand reputation. 

Here are some facts about how good graphic design can benefit your business in many ways:

Increase sales of your products or services

  • Improves staff loyalty
  • Build strong brand reputation
  • Builds greater customer loyalty
  • Builds image of the company
  • Establishes a stronger identity for your business
  • Stay ahead of the curve and get your responsive web today