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Digital Jalandhar offer C Language online Coaching Classes for all the professionals. We are providing professional training in Jalandhar as well as online training for world wide. Our computer Experts team teach you in a practical way with live platform. 

Are you worry about C Notes ?  Don’t Worry Digital Jalandhar is providing you notes which makes learning interesting. Our Expert Mr. Dinesh Lohiya Sir focus on Concept Based Practical Training rather than theory. We are also providing the C interview questions for CRT.


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What is C Language?

Firstly C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie @ A.T Bell Laboratories in 1972. As we know that ‘C’ Language is a middle-level language. It is developed for both machine level and high-level language. Digital Jalandhar is one of the best IT training institutes in Jalandhar for C language. We offer C language classes for both beginners students and experienced professional candidates.

Features of C Language

The increasing demand for C is probably being due to its excellent features. It is also known as a robust language whose rich library functions and operators can be used to write any complex program. Using C Language, we can write efficient and fast programs. Another type of feature of C is less number of keywords. This is the main reason why C seems so popular because of its reliability, precise, and easy-to-use qualities. C Language is widely used in embedded systems also.

At Digital Jalandhar Institute, we start from basics concepts like why C language? Uses of C Language, and how C Language is used in the past and current programming world. Our course is designed in such a way that after completion, of course, students will easily learn any computer language without any problem. We focus especially on Basic logic building skills in the students so that they can go for advanced programming and languages to make their career bright.

Eligibility to Join C Language coaching Course

Students having a basic knowledge of computers can easily learn this language without any specific eligibility.

Why C Language Coaching in the digital Jalandhar?

Digital Jalandhar is one of the good institutes in Jalandhar. We are providing the C Language coaching from the last 10+ years. Our Expert  & well-qualified trainer Mr. Dinesh Lohiya provide the practical oriented classes for the students. C language is the base of any language. So, this becomes mandatory to learn the concept of C language properly. Here at Digital Jalandhar, we provide fully practical based training on live projects. So, the students can learn each and every concept of programming language. Whenever you decide to learn C Language learn from our experienced teacher. We are also registered with Udyog Aadhar MSME.

What will You Learn in C Language Coaching in the digital Jalandhar Institute?

Unit -1. Level of language: Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language, High-Level Language, Types of Program: Source Program, Object Program, Difference Between Source Program, and Object Program, Interpreter & Compiler, Difference Between Interpreter and Compiler, C Language Basics, Features of C Language, Structure of C Language Program, Header File in C language.


Constants and Variables in C language,  Operators in C Language, Calculations in C Language, types of Errors in computer Language


 Control Statements in C language-if Statement, if-else Statement, Nested if-else Statement, Go to Statement, The Case Statement in C language: Switch Case, Switch Case Versus If else Ladder.


The Loop Control Structure in C language- While Loop, Do-While Loop, for Loop, While Loop Versus Do-While Loop, Counter Implementations in Loops, Accumulator Implementations in Loops, Commands, Continue Commands, Break Commands,  Continue Commands Versus, Break Commands, Nesting of Loops- Inner Loop, Use of Inner Loop, Outer Loop, Use of Outer Loop


Arrays, Deceleration Of arrays, Array Initialization, Types of Array, Single Dimension Array,  Multi-Dimensional Array,Sorting in C- Bubble Sort,Insertion Sort, Functions, Pointers, and Memory Management


Why use the function, Call by Value and Call by Reference, Introduction of Pointer· Pointer Notation


Structure- Deceleration of Structure, Accessing Structure Elements


Storage Classes-Types of Storage Classes, Properties of Storage Classes

. File Input & Output

Career Options:

Software Engineer, C Developer, Senior Software Analyst, Embedded Software Engineer, Systems Software Engineer, etc.

FAQ of C Language Jalandhar Course

What is a ‘C’ Language course?

Ans: Digital Jalandhar provide you online batch facility at this time. In this course we are provide the live class with practical and Notes PDF, Assignments and quiz via Google classroom.

Which website is best for learning C language?

Ans. Digital Jalandhar is the platform where you can learn all programming languages. You can visit digitaljalandhar.inand enroll now for any programming course.

How much does it cost for C programming languages training course?

Ans. The cost of a C programming language training syllabus. However, any programming language training will cost somewhere between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Should I learn C Language before C++?

Ans. As we know that programmers will learn C before C++ due to the basic concepts of the language, firstly learning C then learn OOPS object-oriented programming.

Is C Language easy to learn?

Ans. ‘C’ Language is not too much difficult, C is extremely flexiblethat as you use the language, you probably go through many different programming styles as you work out how to use the language to produce good, maintainable and portable code.

How can I learn C language?

Ans. Firstly, you can enroll yourself to digitaljalandhar.in and start your live class with Dinesh Lohiya sir.

What will the course material be provided by digital jalandhar?

Ans. Yes, Digital Jalandhar will provide either a manual, study notes or assignments, along with projects.

Where can I learn C for free?

Ans. You can learn from digital Jalandhar blog computer times with dinesh blogs. If you want to learn from live class with Dinesh sir you can register from yourself at digitaljalandhar.in.