iso certificate course

ISO 9001 certificate Course

ISO 9001 Certificate Course is provided by the Digital Jalandhar ” The Institute of Digital Learning”.  The course is designed to improve the basic level of computer knowledge for the common man. After completing the ISO 9001 certified computer course certificate a common man is able to use the computers. There are different type of courses are available for the basic level and you will learn the use of Microsoft Window, Microsoft Word for writing letters, MS Excel for mathematical calculation purpose, working with the internet for surfing and sending email purpose, etc,

All Courses will help you in daily life and also a part of the computer users list. Computer helps in the small business communities, maintain their small account and enjoy in the world of Information Technology. There is some short time course like IT Course for beginner, 120 hours course for Govt. Job and many courses that all are  ISO 9001 certificate courses. ISO 9001 courses are required for private as well as Govt. Jobs. Digital Jalandhar is one of the best institutes in Jalandhar to provide online coaching for all computer courses.

ISO computer Certificate Course Duration : 

Digital Jalandhar is providing online training for All computer certificate courses. Computer Courses is divided into two classes the first one is theory class and after that practical classes. A computer is a general-purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. Conventionally, a computer consists of at least one processing element, typically a central processing unit (CPU), and some form of memory. In this course, we will cover all the content that is given below :

Microsoft Windows, MS-Dos Basic, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Internet, Email, Data Management like google drive, etc, Typing.

iso certificate course

ISO 9001 : 2005 Computer Course Certificate

As we know that Computer is the most common operating device in daily life. Computer skills are a basic need for most private as well as Govt jobs today. Most of the office work requires job applicants to be familiar with internal software, such as word processors, spreadsheet programs, and cloud-based team applications, etc, Now Some State Govt. required like 120 hours and many more course certificate

"Best institute for all computer programming languages, I'm studying at ST clair college, canada and taking personal online classes from sir about coding, I feel very good and confident in Java Coding now. The way they teach is extremely stupendous"
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